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The people of Cochin (Kochi) form a well-educated and mature society. They are attuned to tomorrow and are determined to be immensely successful. The women mostly dress themselves in six metres of silk or cotton known as the ‘Sari’. Other dresses like the ‘Churidar’ and western styles are all the rage with the younger generation. The men mostly wear shirts and trousers, though you could also find them dressed in the customary ‘Mundu’.

The power to build and the power to experiment are kindled by knowledge. Cochin is among the foremost centres of education, having one of the best management schools in the country and a number of premier schools and colleges. Exports and tourism play a very important role in the economy and bring in a lot of foreign money, giving Kochiites the power to purchase and try out new products.

Cochin celebrates life. The best seafood restaurants in the country, fast-food outlets, digital movie-theatres and shopping malls go hand in hand with the old temples, colonial-style churches and splendid mosques. And even as the sun sets, Cochin is still vibrant and joyous with her several festivals and celebrations.


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