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Latitude & Longitude (Kochi) - 9 58" North , 76 17" East

Latitude & Longitude (Ernakulam) - 10 00" North , 76 15" East


Time - IST  +5.30 hours GMT


Altitude - Sea level
Area - 87.34 sq.km
Population - 1,660,000


Southwest - June to September
Northeast - October to December
Summer 35.0C(max)  22.5C(min)
Winter     32.0C(max)  20.0C(min)
310 cms annually
130-135 rainy days 
Electricity - 220V (Plug adapters will be required). Sockets are of the 3-pin variety. Small immersion rods for boiling water, tea or coffee are available in the market as are mosquito zappers.
Water - Drink only bottled mineral water or boiled water, especially during the monsoons


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